Our Editorial Commitment

Our Editorial Commitment

Ensuring our readers trust density dad is like making sure my coffee is strong – non-negotiable. Whether it's the content of an article or our bond with sponsors, city leaders, planners, decision-makers, or advertisers, transparency means everything to us. density dad's advertising policy is straightforward: companies pay to have their brand featured on the site, with no room for shady business. Payment does not influence our editorial stance, and sponsors cannot pay us to provide positive coverage. You can't bribe us into writing a love letter about your product – it's not on the menu.

When a sponsor backs an article, it's like giving it a high-five. They dig the message, and in return for their financial support, they get a low-key shout-out – think of it as a friendly nod in the corporate jungle. Sponsors don't call the shots in our content; it's like asking a cat to fetch – not happening. If a post flaunts a product, I am the captain steering the ship, not the sponsor. If we're singing praises, it's legit, no smoke and mirrors.

Affiliate programs are a win-win – we pocket a small commission by linking to products we're already buzzing about, and it won't cost you a dime extra. Rest assured, our link decisions aren't influenced by whether there's an affiliate program; we're all about recommending what we genuinely dig, have tested or actually own.

Bottom line, our opinions aren't for sale – not even for a lifetime supply of gummy bears. Your trust is gold, and we're all about keeping it real while bringing the fun. Cheers to content with integrity and relationships that last as long as the products we stand behind!

Barry Greene Jr.