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"I thought about making a joke about potholes, but I decided to pave the way for safer streets instead!"

My name is Barry Greene Jr.

I'm an urbanist and journalist hailing from one of America's oldest cities: Richmond, VA. Through my love for family, minimalism, exploration, and city planning; density dad was created.  

Launching in July 2022, we have since grown to 500+ community members. We share what's working in our cities and what needs to be changed.

We are your official home of dads for density, dadhood, and discovery. 

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density dad is a reader-supported publication covering all things urbanism, fatherhood, and the built environment. Topics range from housing and public transportation to land use, safe bike infrastructure, and building equitable communities. We also share parenting tips, lifestyle picks (dad shoes are in ya know?), and our favorite gear (bikes, bags, and more).