Deleting My Social Media Accounts Will Help Me Do These Three Things In 2024

So now, what?

Deleting My Social Media Accounts Will Help Me Do These Three Things In 2024
Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett / Unsplash

I did it.

After more than 15 years, I have deleted Facebook and Twitter, for good.

I can't believe the hoops you have to jump through to do it, but I felt a sigh of relief seeing the confirmation finally flash across the screen. Instagram will soon follow.

So now, what?

I am eager to spend more time away from tenured ties and associations and walking into this calling to create more with my hands, my time and my family. I look forward to sharing this journey with you right here on density dad. I want nothing more than to be as intentional in 2024 as possible and I've begun outlining different segments of goals I want to achieve into bite-sized nuggets I can work towards daily.

Here are three major ways I plan to level up in the new year:

Create With My Hands

I was handed down an amplifier and some speakers by my father-in-law. My turntable has been dormant without speakers for some time now, saving up for the perfect set-up. Thick, hefty amplifiers were before my time but sitting down and finding the fix with my hands was a feeling I can't describe. The tactile engagement with discovering where things were and how they worked together woke the little boy within me. I finally figured it out, flipped through my catalog of records, and relished in my success.

This transition isn't new as I've recently gotten rid of my music streaming provider and I went back to using an iPod classic. I typically download purchased songs with the code provided from my new vinyl records in my personal collection or buy from Bandcamp and iTunes. Again, physically pulling out my iPod, uploading new songs, and scrolling through forces me to be more intentional about what I choose to upload, leading only to music I love and nothing I don't.

Finally, I've purchased my first mold to begin pouring a batch of concrete planters for the shop. I can't wait to routinely step away from the interwebs and create a product with my bare hands. Urbanism could use this right now. Fewer articles about the fix and more hands on deck creating tactical examples of how the solution will bring forth a safer built environment.

Control More Of My Time

I treated 2023 like a freshman looking to graduate early. A "full load of credits" and several fellowships have left me rather depleted despite all of my accomplishments. I didn't leave much room for myself but knew I'd want to get ahead before any family growth spurts. I now can reconsider where I can be most effective with my voice and my platform. I'd like to take a more national, maybe even international approach to being part of the solutions for families navigating the current state of the built environment. It's designed without the future in mind and our children deserve the best.

I also plan to be better about work-life balance by blocking out time for personal and family activities. While these things can be synonymous with one another, they can and should also be very different at times. Time for self-care routines like massages, grooming appointments, and building new friendships are just as important as weekly date nights with my wife or park visits with my daughter. Public civic meetings and study groups often soak up my time away from our plant shop and work so I'm looking to get creative in 2024. I will take advantage of virtual meetings and email my thoughts or concerns to agencies and planners to save precious time.

Collect Memories While Traveling With Family

I'd like to grab a camera this year to intentionally offload memories collected while traveling for later reflection. I've had an iPhone for so long that I forgot the feeling of actually reviewing photos I have taken. I am also tired of paying for additional cloud storage. I've lost so many photos from simply never offloading pictures or storage running out as file sizes increase over time.

Purchasing a camera will also allow me to leave my phone behind or in my trusted dad bag when we're out on the town together. We've got several cities we plan on exploring including Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Charleston, West Virginia to name a few. Cheers to time away from screens and notifications.

Final Thoughts

I may be alone on this but I've considered the amount of time I've spent building followings over the years only to start over once things fizzle out. It's exhausting. With a clear plan, I hope to keep everyone up to date with my progress towards these goals with pictures and stories through out this blog.

What are some of your goals in the new year?

Til next time, cut loose.

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