Density Digest | So Where to Next?

Density Digest  | So Where to Next?
Photo by Florian Kurrasch / Unsplash

February 6, 2024

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As the weather becomes a bit more manageable here in Richmond, Virginia, I've got some fine experiences to share. I biked home from the shop for the first time and I must say, it was fantastic. Our shop is located in The Fan on W. Cary Streets and getting home a little over 30 minutes later was actually faster than take the bus due to transfers. I also had a nasty, unexpected detour that required me carrying my bike up stairs over a pedestrian bridge of the canal. All in all, locking down my route will a major priority as Spring nears. I'm anxious for more places to explore but more on that later.

Let's get right into it.

What To Read:

City Wants Delivery Giants to Give Workers Safe Batteries and Bikes — and Take Dangerous Ones Off the Street - Streetsblog New York City
Mayor Adams wants to require food delivery services to establish and pay for a trade-in program for illegal, uncertified, and gas-powered devices.

Gig workers deserve safe transportation. I'll keep an eye on this effort.

Athens Metro to Grow by a Third, Eliminating 53,000 Cars a Day
The new line sparks fears about green spaces and gentrification in the Greek capital.

Capital of Greece continues to put its spin on public transit. Simply gorgeous.

Rider Reps Could Be Coming Soon to Some Washington Transit Boards - The Urbanist
House Bill 2191 would allow -- not require -- around two-thirds of the transit agencies in Washington State to appoint two designated rider representatives to their boards.

Well uh, duh! I wish this was a requirement across the board. Way to take lead in public transit yet again, Washington State.

My buddy Michael Moore and a superteam of urbanists have come together to create Resident Urbanist. This particular piece caught my eye and definitely think Michael did a great job at breaking down such a complicated topic and contributing factor to our housing crisis.

Why Retirees Can't Downsize? It's the Housing Shortage to Blame, Not Taxes

What To Watch

If you have roughly 50 minutes to spare, Brad Biehl of good traffic and I sat down a few months ago and talked all things density. Brad has been on a complete tear interviewing city officials as well as change makers like Ryan Johnson, co-founder of Culdesac, the car-free neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona.

I didn't do my best at bring attention to this piece and so I actually reached out to Brad to put it up on my YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel as we march towards our goal of 500 subscribers. It's also where you'll be able to see my bike journeys.

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What's Keeping Me Up At Night?

To be quite honest, I want to bike everywhere and I can't sleep. 😂

Over the weekend, I took my Brompton to the door and told my wife I was headed over to Stone Brewing. Well, it was a little past 5:30pm and we were losing sun pretty rapidly. With temperatures also dropping, the 6 minute bike trip didn't necessarily seem so practical or make sense. It was at that moment I noticed the first true itch to use my bike as a primary use of transportation whenever I could.

Not in a "I bought it so now I have to use it" way but actually as a means of a more practical way of getting somewhere. It's also the first time it was actually faster for me to take my bike somewhere than to drive. The feeling has hung around and I can't sleep without trying to plan the next day in a way where I can use my bike. I'm headed to a district meeting this week and it's along the trail, can't beat it.

I've spent time looking for ways to upgrade my Brompton now that's getting more use and here's three ways I'm upgrading this puppy.

  • Rear Rack
  • Larger Light
  • Wider Tires

I also look forward to grocery shopping with my Brompton , I mean actually using my Brompton as a shopping cart and making it a breeze to knock out an errand while also not being worried if my bike will be stolen. I love efficiency.

In other news, Kyle's Part Two of neighboring cities should be up today and I'll also have a new piece debuting later this evening.

Til, next time cut loose.

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