So It's Been A While...

So It's Been A While...
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May 30, 2024

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It's 4:49 a.m. as I begin writing this and to be honest, it feels like old times.

Only this time, I'm more tired than ever adjusting to double daddy duty. My son had an early arrival on April 26th and it's felt like drinking from a firehose ever since.

My daughter is fully potty trained. My plant shop has its good days. We've hired an employee and she's awesome.

Everything feels familiar yet, so different. I have a lot to be proud about however I can't help but to feel a little bit like a failure.

In the mist of all of the good, I've felt a bit broken. I feel the need to share where my heads been, what's next and how I'm putting my best foot forward in living the life I want to live and the life I have to live, at least for now.

Let's get right into it!

Balancing Act

We are beyond the halfway point in my fellowship with Next City and VPM News. I've learned so much in such a short time about myself, journalism, activism and more. The fork in the road nears and I've got to make some decisions on what 2025 will look like for me and my family.

I serve on two boards. I have two kids. I'm married and operate a storefront during a recovering economy in a city upset at newcomers and growth while trying to lean into all that I am.

I'm a black urbanist who has become quite connected on all fronts in my radically changing hometown of Richmond, Virginia; socially, politically, and civically. This has been the case since 2013 and I've always struggled with how to take advantage of my keen ability to know who, what, when, where and how it's happening in Richmond, Virginia.

Creating this platform felt natural in 2022. I truly wanted to show off how incredibly grateful Richmonders are as far as urban fabric, culture and community. Showcasing the advantages this city offers as a urban-dwelling father and proving it's possible felt like a short order.

I was wrong, really wrong.

It's a complicated order. Even more complicated when you consistently strive to be the perfect urbanist. Out of all of the balancing I've had to do in the last two years, nothing has been more difficult than wrestling my commitment to urbanism.

Let me explain. (cont'd after paywall)

In short, I apologize for my unannounced time away. My wife had a hunch he'd come early and the queued up piece never received its final edits and submission. While I'd love to make the entire piece public, paid supporters have kept the site running for the last two billing dates and deserve an explanation, some promos and more.

Beyond the paywall:

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